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The company is in the forefront of the manufacture of apparel accessories, not only in Sri Lanka but also in the SAARC region. The company’s current product range encompasses apparel accessories under the major categories namely; Woven & Knitted Narrow Fabrics, Braiding, Covering Thread, Printed Narrow Fabrics, Sewing Thread, Codes, Tipping and Collars.

Today we are a qualified manufacturing hub offering the top quality and flexibility in customer service through continuous development, professionalism and excellence to the inspiring and innovative world-renowned brands. Good business practices have enabled us to win the confidence of world-famous brands such as Victoria’s Secret, La Senza, Pink, PVH, Adidas, Decathlon, A&F, NEXT, M&S, NIKE, H&M, George, Columbia, Hugo Boss, LIZCLAIRBONE, Primark, Walmart ASDA and Super Dry etc. Highly fashion-conscious countries such as USA, UK, Germany, and Australia are among the active members in our clientele that spans the globe.