Capacity & Facilities

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Naturub, South Asia’s largest manufacturer of apparel accessories, is headquartered in Panadura with full-fledged production facilities in Panadura, Horana (Western Province of Sri Lanka) and also in Bangladesh. All factories have high production capacities coupled with state-of-the-art dye houses and well-equipped automated laboratories with physical & washing test facilities. We have won the accreditations from M&S, PVH and L-brand. Naturub dye house is the second largest in Sri Lanka and both dye houses in these two countries deploy high tech methods such as exhaust dyeing (Hank and high pressure) and piece dyeing (continuous dying) in its dyeing operations involving polyester, nylon and cotton items and yarn and tapes, as well.

Only branded high-quality dyes and chemicals are used in all these operations providing the highest quality to our products. Colour matching lab equipped with electronic dye & chemical weighing system, spectrometer, auto dispensing machines. The associated high-tech colour matching tools and equipment always augments our continuous efforts in determining the true colours involved, with the highest accuracy and finally, delivering a product to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

Currently, these factories have a total floor area of nearly 84,000 sqm. and employ more than 3,500 well trained and highly dedicated people. The company’s current product range encompasses apparel accessories under the major categories namely; Woven & Knitted Narrow Fabrics, Braiding, Covering Thread, Printed Narrow Fabrics, Sewing Thread, Codes, Tipping and Collars. Manufacture of these products involves advanced technologies and production methods such as soft winding, hard winding and beam warping.