Naturub Group

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Naturub is a diversified company and it has several fully owned subsidiary companies

Hydro Power Plants

So far, we have constructed and commissioned 8 MHP plants with a total combined capacity of 29.5MW. We are also the 3rd largest mini hydro power supplier to the nation.

Metal Quarry & Crushing Plants

We own and operate 3 large scale quarry and crushing plants in Meepe, Galpatha and Neboda. We supply around 15,000 cubes of aggregates per month.

Property Development

Financial Services

We have been offering attractive financial solutions and services to industrial and trading enterprises for the past 2 decades.

Wall & Floor Finishing Solutions

Latest addition to the group. Spero Solutions is a manufacturing company of construction materials. Spero focuses on introducing innovative and reliable solutions to the industry.

Fusing & Purifying Quartz