Naturub, the industry leader in the manufacture of apparel accessories in the SAARC region, has built a proud legacy over the years of its existence. At Naturub we are all working towards a future motivated by original thinking, and the desire to build upon our reputation. For people looking for challenging careers, Naturub is the best qualified source where their true potential is identified and sharpened with remarkable rewards that are well above the average market expectations. The opportunities are boundless; wherever your potential leads we are ready to be a companion of your career development journey. Let us be a partner of your success story, join us and combine your passion, innovative thinking and hard-work to define your own future and shape the future of industry as well.

At Naturub, employees in various disciplines combine passion, creative ideas and positive work to design their futures while facilitating the company’s objectives as well. It is our belief that people with a lust for innovative ideas are the true agents who can bring about changes and discover new ways to energize the company, its people and its practices. Enjoy the freedom to participate in creation of a good work environment conducive for growth, performance and creativity. Join our work force of 3,000 dedicated employees and unleash your true potential in various fields such as production management, engineering, financial management, sales and marketing, human resource development, information technology, research and development etc.


Naturub welcomes the opportunity to transfer its vast expertise and experience to those who want to pursue a career in the garment industry. Internships are available to students of universities, technical colleges and professional bodies etc. in our factories in the fields of Finance, HRD, R&D, Sales & marketing, IT, Engineering and manufacturing. These internship programmes are designed to enable the interns to grasp knowledge and develop skills through their direct participation in actual operations under the able guidance and close supervision of our industry experts. We strongly believe this will afford an opportunity for us to be inspired by their passion for generating workable ideas and learn from these future leaders who show signs of promise. If you think that you have something special in you that you can excel at, then you are the perfect candidate for our internship programme. Our doors are always open to budding leaders people like you.

Management Trainees

Naturub counts on university graduates who have innovative and promising talents and also the potential to be future industry leaders. Educated youths with required aptitude could look forward to a well-rewarded career development together with the promotional prospects within the hierarchy of the company. Our management training programme is designed to help the interns identify and sharpen their real strengths and prepares them for a career in a discipline they show a great passion for. The training programme comprises intensive on-the-job-training coupled with leadership, communication and skills development workshops and is delivered with individual attention for all trainees, an all-round introduction and able guidance from industry experts.


Naturub always appreciates professionalism and considers professionals with enthusiasm and commitment, as great assets. Professionals in the fields such as finance, marketing, HRD, IT and management are recruited to the company’s hierarchy at various administrative and operational levels.

School Leavers

School leavers with considerably good educational background are enrolled to the company at the initial level of employment, trained and groomed continuously to take up higher positions in the future.


It is no exaggeration if one calls ‘Naturub is a centre of excellence for training’. Naturb is focused on training, retraining and continuous training of its employees thus imparting the skills, knowledge and ability to accurately identify trends in a changing business environment and perform efficiently with increased productivity. Refresher courses to upgrade and update our management team with the objective of improving their acumen in business are often conducted, as appropriate.

Performance Appraisal

The employee performance appraisal system at Naturub is geared to ascertain the employees’ performance and their level of competence through a continuous management process. Existing skill gaps are correctly identified with the help of a skill matrix prepared for this purpose and training programs are enhanced to help employees overcome these drawbacks.

Career Development

Naturub has a comprehensive career development paths for its employees. They could look forward to going up the ladder in their career even at a younger age depending on their dedication and performance. Making boundless opportunities available to its employees, Naturub looks after them very well and care for their continuous development. Decision to organise your own future is left to you.