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We endeavor to introduce Eco Friendly apparel accessories by following sustainable concept. We have
introduced a sustainable concept by using ecofriendly yarns in our latest collection;

Organic Cotton
Organic cotton (Natural Cotton) is an ecofriendly yarn. It is grown without use of pesticides, herbicides
or other chemical fertilizers. Organic Cotton is better for health and the environment. Moisture
absorbent, light weight and anti-allergenic are the advantages of organic cotton.

Recycled Nylon & Polyester
Recycled Nylon is made from Waste. Compared to Virgin Nylon, manufacturing process of Recycle Nylon
needs much lessor amount of resources. This Product is a viable option for Global Waste Management.

EVO is a yarn made of Castor Oil. An Ultra-light weight, extra rapid drying, Comfort ability, Odor control,
Thermal Insulation, Excellent dyeing qualities are some of the advantages of the Evo Yarn.

Modal is a bio-based fiber, made by spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees. Modal is
essentially a variety of rayon. Drivability, Good moisture, Good softness brilliant luster, Anti crease
qualities are some of the advantages of Modal yarn

Bamboo yarn is made with bamboo grass that is harvested and distilled into cellulose. Then it will spun
into the yarn. Bamboo yarn is a natural, non-animal sourced fiber that is considered an eco-friendly

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