Sustainability is in the core of Naturub’s business. Seeking new ways to do less harm to the precious environment is an indispensable part of our carbon footprint management programme. For Naturub, sustainability means maintenance of environmentally friendly solutions during various stages of production and balancing the equilibrium of profits, environment and people. The concept is well integrated to company’s ethics with a view to keeping possible public discontent over the long term damage to environment, at bay. We continuously make every endeavor to minimize, or rather eliminate the usage of harmful and toxic chemicals keeping waste water emanating from our operations from draining into waterways and polluting them.

Concurrently, we have taken effective measures to reduce the high consumption of water & energy and to avoid release of excessive heat. Lighting, operation of machines, generation of high pressure steam, solid waste disposal and waste water recycling have been identified are the key processes with high energy consumption. Our commitment to conserving energy is showcased by the extensive use of solar power. Naturub true to its commitment towards conservation of energy and use of clean power, made substantial investments in the renewable energy. Recently, we successfully embarked on a large scale project to install solar panels on the factory rooftops minimizing its dependence on the power from national grid. At the same time, the use of furnace oil has been eliminated completely by converting oil-fired boilers into bio-mass boilers using coconut shells and saw dust as the major fuel.  

Minimizing the harm to the environment, Naturub operates a modern water treatment plant facilitating the re-use of treated and recycled waste water for washing and cooling in the production processes. Enhancing the value of waste as a new source of energy, heat generated by our solid waste incinerator is now being utilized successfully to generate hot water required in dyeing processes.