Waste Management

Waste Management2019-01-11T03:42:14+00:00

Naturub Group Waste Management System

Solid Waste Incinerator

List of hazardous waste generated at site

  • Waste Water Treatment plant sludge

  • Rejected Chemicals and Rejected Dye Stuffs

  • Computer Brocken parts (CRT Monitors)

  • Lubricants

  • Used Battery

  • Used Florescent Bulbs and CFL bulbs

Hazardous waste control

  • Sludge – sends to incineration at cement kiln

  • Florescent bulbs – send to Asia recycle

  • Chemical barrels – return to supplier/Reuse/flower pots/dust bins etc

  • Lubricants

  • Lubricants – Incineration/mix with dry sludge

  • Non moving or refuse chemicals-Sending to incineration at cement kiln

  • Production Damages – Incineration at >10000C

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Capacity 800m3/day
Method of Treatment Chemical & Biological
In effluent Dye House/Printing/Lab/Chemical Stores/Meals Room/Kitchen/Toilets & Hostel